Computerized licence selling system

In 2004, the Ministère set up a computerized service for selling hunting, fishing, and trapping licences. Thus, in 2006, 86% of licences sold were delivered by this computerized system. Contact information about dealers authorized to sell these licences may be found in the “Where to buy a licence” page.

The computerized licence selling service, which relies on the point of sale (POS) terminal technology, enables licences to be printed on the spot, when they are delivered.


The computerized service:

  • enhances customer service;
  • makes sales management easier and provides statistics on the number of licences delivered, because transactions are done on line with a computer centre;
  • simplifies the selling agents’ task and lowers their operating costs.

Changes to the licence paper and model

The computerized service entails the following changes for hunters, fishers and trappers:

  • Licences without a transportation tag are printed on thermal paper and have the size of a credit card when folded in half. These licences must not be plasticized.
  • Licences with transportation tags are printed on wear and tear resistant paper. In the case of Atlantic salmon licences, plastic seals are replaced by transportation tags attached to the licence.

Introduction of the client number

From now on, clients who purchase a licence for fishing, frog hunting, or snaring without using their hunter’s or trapper’s certificate will get a client card bearing a client number. Presenting one’s client number when subsequently buying one of these licences avoids having to fill in again the identification card.